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5 downloads per month

  • Hundreds of free downloads
  • 5 download credits per month
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  • Hundreds of free downloads
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What our Customers are Saying

"After spending countless hours trying to make my design idea a reality, I realized I need some help. The DesignShop process was very simple and fast; just four days after submitting my idea to their designer, they had a ready-to-cut design finished for me. And their customer service was top-notch."

Daniel D., Fabrication Shop Manager

"I have searched the web extensively, and has by far the best-quality images and most unique designs."

Susan F., Plasma Table Owner

"Would like to say thanks for the download. I tried it last nigh on my plasmaCam and I love it; with a few minor tweaks for torch speed it was awesome."

Matthew F., PlasmaCam User

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the contract?
DesignShop plans are month-to-month.
What are download credits?
Download credits allow you to download designs featured on the site. Your subscription plan comes with a set amount of download credit each month.
How do I get free downloads?
Your membership comes with hundreds of free downloads. You can view these files on the free downloads collection.
Can I switch plans?
Yes, you can swithc plans by sending us an email. 
How do I cancel service?
You can cancel at any time by visiting the membership page.  Sign in to your account and click the membership link. 
What is unlimited download eligibility?
After you have been a subscriber for some time. You can become eligible for unlimited downloads with no monthly limit. You can become eligible for unlimited after 26 months for business plan and 15 months for the Pro plan.  Send us an email to confirm eligibility.  
Do download credits expire?
Yes.  If you cancel your membership, your credits will expire.